Dan Dychtwald, PhD, MPH, MS

Senior Project Manager
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research


Dan Dychtwald, PhD, MPH, MS is a research study coordinator with Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research. Dan’s focus is on study operations, ensuring the seamless collection of data and its integrity. He is also a community liaison and does outreach with communities across the state including our NJMAC partners. A qualitative and mixed methods researcher by training, his research spans the life course from pregnancy and infancy to older adulthood and end of life decisions. Since 2016, his work has also included work in oncology focused on the role of nutrition support and physical activity for both patients and caregivers. Dr. Dychtwald’s work in maternal child health has primarily focused on the role of the father, particularly in marginalized communities, and his role or lack thereof in pregnancy support and its effect on birthing outcomes. Recent work includes exploring the function of the WIC program in promoting and supporting the role of fathers with the intent to inform USDA policies regarding paternal/male inclusivity within all nutrition programming. Prior to joining the Institute for Health, Dan was a Research Fellow at Drexel University and co-chaired the Father’s Workgroup for Philadelphia’s Maternal, Child, & Family Health Community Action Network.