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Patricia Calogero

Executive Assistant
Center for State Health Policy

pcalogero@ifh.rutgers.edu, (848) 932-4651

Patricia Calogero is the Executive Assistant and Office Coordinator for the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy. She provides general administrative support to the leadership team, including the Director and Executive Director. She is responsible for coordinating schedules and meetings, managing official correspondence, and acting as a liaison between the Center and its clients, vendors, researchers, and university faculty and staff. Ms. Calogero’s responsibilities also include planning conferences and events for the Center and its programs, coordinating with outside venues and vendors, and providing administrative support to new hires and across all levels of management and staff. She is also responsible for the maintenance of internal employee information systems, including absence reporting and office supplies and space management, and played a key role in facilitating the Center’s transition to a virtual and hybrid work environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before joining the Center, Ms. Calogero worked at the Rutgers Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs where she was an administrative assistant. Her professional background includes administrative positions at Princeton University, Stetson University, and Stetson Law School in Florida.