AIDS Policy Research Group

112 Paterson Street, 3rd floor


Dr. Stephen Crystal and James Walkup lead the AIDS Policy Research Group (ARG) a health services research program begun by Dr. Crystal in 1987. The emergence of HIV disease has challenged the health care system in many ways and offers an important case study in health policy and health services delivery. A guiding principle of the ARG is evidence-based scientific research that has practical relevance and has a direct impact on decisions made by policy makers for HIV treatment and carer.

The research of this group places HIV health services use and outcomes at the intersection of the social, economic and psychological behaviors of the target population and the role and functioning of health care delivery programs. Studies have included socioeconomic differences in access to health care; meeting the needs of special subgroups, such as those with psychiatric and substance abuse comorbidities, pregnant women and older individuals; effective utilization of pharmaceutical regimens; diffusion of new treatments; the role of Medicaid and Medicare in HIV care; and the functional status trajectories for various subgroups of persons with HIV disease.

The research group has worked closely with public agencies especially in New Jersey and New York to provide information for policy planning. In their work with large administrative claims data and surveys these investigators have demonstrated innovative methods for examining access to care and outcomes. Research group members also participate in various professional developmental activities. The AIDS Policy Research Group is a member of the New York AIDS Centers Consortium.

Stephen Crystal, Ph.D.


James Walkup, Ph.D.