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亚裔保健-华人医疗服务中心。 The Chinese Health Initiative within The Center for Asian Health was developed to meet the health care needs of the Chinese-American population in Northern, New Jersey. We offer culturally relevant medical care and provide individualized support for patients to obtain the medical services they need. 亚裔保健-华人医疗服务中心,旨在服务新州北部的华人群体,我们的宗旨:为华人提供优质的 健康服务。

Su Wang, MD, MPH, Medical Director
汪思涵 (医学博士,公共卫生学硕士)内科医师

Su Wang, MD, MPH, is the Medical Director of the Center for Asian Health at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. A practicing internist, she was the Assistant Director of Medical Affairs at the Charles B.Wang Community Health Center (CBWCHC), a large multidisciplinary health center dedicated to serving Asian-Americans in the greater New York City area.

Dr. Wang directed the Hepatitis B programs at CBWCHC and led community outreach, clinical care initiatives, and community-based research. Dr. Wang was invited to be in a White House panel for World Hepatitis Day and spoke at the Department of Health and Human Service press conference for the release of the National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan.

Dr. Wang received her medical degree from the University of Miami and a Master's Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She completed a combined internal medicine and pediatric residency at Georgetown University Hospital where she served as chief resident.

汪思涵, 医学博士,公共卫生学硕士,就任亚裔保健-华人 医疗服务中心的主任。之前,汪医生曾任职纽约王嘉廉社区 医疗中心的副主任,该中心是一所大型综合性医疗中心,为 大纽约地区的华人提供了便利的医疗服务。她直接领导了该 院的乙肝病临床研究,并积极开展社区医疗教育普及活动。她应邀出席在白宫举行的世界肝炎日活动,并在美国卫生署 "全国病毒性肝炎行动计划书"的发布会上发言。

汪医生毕业于迈阿密大学 医学院,约翰.霍普金斯大学取得 公共卫生学硕士学位,乔治城大学医学院内科和儿科的总住 院医师

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Su Wang, MD, MPH

Medical Director