Center for Healthy Aging Research

112 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

While New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country and ranked 2nd wealthiest by per capita income, there is a health and wellbeing paradox in New Jersey, especially for aging populations. The Center for Healthy Aging Research aims to create a platform on which clinicians, researchers, caregivers, community partners, and patients can combine resources to gather patient-centered research and develop evidence-based care strategies focused on the “whole person” rather than on their ailments. With existing gaps in research and practice, there is an enormous opportunity advance healthy aging at Rutgers and New Jersey. One of the IFH’s core mission is to improve healthy aging by linking research, practice and policy and has begun the first steps to develop partnerships and opportunities for sustainable aging initiatives, especially through the Rutgers Catalyst programs.

Building on the NIA’s first P30 grant at Rutgers nested at IFH, the Center for Healthy Aging Research will ignite translational and interdisciplinary research building on deep involvement from all four Rutgers campuses to address these challenges and to inform practice, policy and population health. Collectively, we will be a national leader to advance healthy aging in order to address state and national imperatives.

Center initiatives:

  • Catalyze synergy in interdisciplinary research to expand NIH funding on geriatric/palliative care issues.
  • Translate knowledge generated to inform the health care system to better serve the needs of aging populations
  • Educate family members, policy makers and the public to improve health and wellbeing of aging populations and to disseminate novel educational resources to older adults, families and communities.
  • Ignite reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with diverse regional communities serving NJ aging populations and create a platform for synergistic collaboration.

To learn more, please visit Center for Healthy Aging Research website

William T. Hu, MD, PhD, FAAN