Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science (PETS)

112 Paterson Street,3rd floor


Established in 2017, the Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science (PETS) facilitates and performs innovative, multidisciplinary science related to the use and outcomes of therapeutics and diagnostics in large populations. Its mission is to advance pharmacoepidemiology and related fields by conducting world-class research and facilitating high-quality training. Core faculty members possess expertise in the study of therapeutics and diagnostics including the analysis of large databases, observational research methods and intervention studies. The Center brings together faculty from various schools, departments, and institutes at Rutgers as well as colleagues from academia, industry and regulatory agencies with expertise ranging from epidemiology, biostatistics, and biomedical informatics to clinical medicine, economics and the social sciences.

As a training program, PETS does not offer degrees but rather enhances existing training programs in relevant disciplines ranging from epidemiology to computer science. The Center for PETS will provide instruction and mentorship for students who regardless of their academic home discipline want to focus their research on questions related to use and outcomes of therapeutics and diagnostics. PETS faculty will teach and mentor students at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as postdoctoral fellows pursuing careers in PETS.

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Tobias Gerhard, Ph.D.