Communications & Marketing Core

The Communications and Marketing Core, led by Director of Communications Nicole Swenarton, aspires to create composite content that fuels the Institute’s mission to be a national leader in improving population health.

The Core aims to elevate the Institute’s identity from within Rutgers’ campuses to the international stage; to provide clear and relevant information to faculty and staff, peer institutions and researchers, industry and community partners, policy makers and the public; and to support the Institute’s Centers and Programs and other Cores, while promoting interdisciplinary work and impact.

The Core oversees marketing and advertising, public relations and media inquiries, website content and social media, among other functions for the Institute. Core staff communicate with diverse audiences, including Rutgers faculty and students, and work collaboratively with communications offices at the University and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences.

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To share your photos, events and other exciting news with the Core or to reach out for assistance with communications and marketing needs, email or Nicole Swenarton (

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Nicole Swenarton

Institute for Health Survey/Data Core (IFHSDC)

The IFHSDC at Rutgers University operates as a National Institutes for Health (NIH) compliant core facility, and as such serves as a centralized shared survey, data, and research resource facility for its users. The core enables access to a variety of data sets and resources. The IFHSDC provides analytical, survey, and general support services to investigators through experienced and specialized research personnel with the expertise to design and conduct scientifically rigorous and efficient survey and data analyses. The Core houses a best practice, HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure that allows for data analytic research of any size, complexity, and sensitivity. The IFHSDC is managed by small team that facilitates research activities and operations of the Core, and ensures compliance with all institutional, state, and federal policies and regulations.

To learn more, visit the Rutgers, Institute for Health Survey/Data Core website.

  • Michael Yedidia, Ph.D., Research Professor, (848) 932-4645
  • James Walkup, Ph.D., Research Professor, (848) 932-1171
  • Frank Thompson, Ph.D., Faculty Director at Newark Center for State Health Policy, (848) 932-4656
  • Kristen W. Springer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (848) 932-7516
  • Soko Setoguchi, MD, DrPH, FISPE, Associate Prof of Medicine
  • Edward Selby, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (848) 932-2090
  • Johanna Schoen, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-5873
  • Diana Sanchez, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (848) 932-5898
  • Jeannette Rogowski, Ph.D., University Professor, (848) 932-8052
  • Ramesh Raghavan, MD, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, (848) 932-5337
  • Kathleen Jo. Pottick, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-6582
  • Julie A. Phillips, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-1824
  • Dawne Mouzon, Ph.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor, (848) 932-2969
  • Alan Monheit, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-8050
  • Jane E. Miller, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-6730
  • David Mechanic, Ph.D., University Professor, (848) 932-8415
  • Margaret Marsh, Ph.D., University Professor, (848) 932-5875
  • Richard Marlink, M.D., Professor of Global Health, (848) 932-3816
  • Thomas I. Mackie, Ph.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor, (848) 932-6898
  • Teresa Leyro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, (932) 848-1309
  • Howard Leventhal, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, (848) 932-7537
  • Alex Kusnecov, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 445-3473
  • Olga Jarrín Montaner, Ph.D., R.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing Science, (848) 932-1171
  • Shawna Hudson, Ph.D., Professor and Research Division Chief, (848) 932-0215
  • Allan Victor Horwitz, Ph.D., Board of Governors Professor, (848) 932-8378
  • Daniel Horton, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, (848) 932-4607
  • Donald R. Hoover, Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor, (848) 932-6939
  • Michael Gusmano, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (848) 932-8057
  • Peter Joseph Guarnaccia, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-6589
  • David M. Frankford, J.D., Professor, (856) 225-6412
  • Susan G. Forman, Ph.D., University Professor, (848) 445-3975 119
  • Richard Contrada, Ph.D., Professor, (848) 932-5874
  • Sujoy Chakravarty, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, (848) 932-4672
  • Sharon Bzostek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, (848) 932-5865
  • Ayse Akincigil, Ph.D. Associate Professor, (848) 932-5348
  • Francis Barchi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, (848) 932-5853
  • Carol A. Boyer, Ph.D., Associate Director, (848) 932-8374
  • Joel C. Cantor, Sc.D., Director, (848) 932-4653
  • Stephen Crystal, Ph.D., Associate Director, (848) 932-8579
  • Tobias Gerhard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (848) 932-8634

Members of the media may contact Director of Communications Nicole Swenarton, for inquiries related to the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research, and its centers and programs.

Contact (732) 284-6326 or email

For members of the media on deadline, send a text to (848) 215-1351 or email