NJ Practice-Based Research Network

112 Paterson Street


The New Jersey Practice-Based Research Network (NJ PBRN) is a new initiative lead by the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research to increase the presence of NJ clinical practices in academic research. Bridging clinical practice leaders to research expertise, our goal is to advance the implementation and dissemination of science.

PBRNs are groups of clinical practices working together to answer population-based health care questions. PBRNs engage health care professionals and key stakeholders in quality assessment and quality improvement. The mission of the NJ PBRN is to improve population health and equity for all New Jerseyans through practice-led research, education, and dialogue.

The NJ PBRN includes Primary Care, Medical Specialties, and Surgical Specialties and will launch June 2021.

The Network is currently recruiting its first round of practice members.

To learn more, visit the NJ Practice-Based Research Network website.

Ann M. Nguyen, PhD MPH