Rutgers Health Researchers Find Disparities in Outcomes of Hospice Discharges

Dr. Elizabeth Luth leads new research on the disparities in hospice discharges and what might combat the risks.

Rutgers Health Researchers Profile Clinical, Gene and Protein Changes in ‘Brain Fog’ From Long COVID

Researchers led by Dr. William Hu and the Center for Healthy Aging Research conduct one of the most detailed investigations into long COVID and brain fog.

Nir Eyal Named First Bergen Chair in Biomedical Ethics

Congratulations to Nir Eyal, director of IFH’s Center for Population-Level Bioethics, on his new appointment!

Letter from Rutgers Researchers Re: CMS Policy Changes

View letter from IFH researchers to CMS in response to their proposed data policy changes.

IFH Q1 2024 Newsletter

Check out the latest news from the Institute for Health!

Call for Applications: Summer Research Internship Program

Learn more about IFH’s summer research internship program and apply by April 26.

Howard Leventhal Scholars Announced

Rutgers doctoral students Naomi Cruz and Alexis Richeson named 2024 IFH Howard Leventhal Scholars.

IFH Faculty Showcase Peer Network Programs at Mutual Mentoring Symposium

Faculty from across IFH collaborated on Mutual Mentoring Grants to promote collaboration and mentorship.

Abdominal Fat Can Impact Brain Health and Cognition in High Alzheimer’s Risk Individuals

IFH faculty Dr. Michal Schnaider Beeri publishes new research on the association between fat in abdominal organs and brain cognition in middle-aged males with high Alzheimer’s risk.

Home Health Care Linked to Increased Hospice Use at End-of-Life, Study Reveals

IFH researcher, Dr. Olga Jarrín, publishes new research on connection between home health care and hospice care utilization.

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