• Faculty whose research focus area(s) complements IFH’s mission and related activities
  • Investigators with interest in conducting population health research who may benefit from a closer association with IFH-established research programs

Benefits provided by IFH:

  • Title of IFH Associate Member
  • Inclusion of member’s research project(s) highlights on IFH website and in annual report
  • Receipts of IFH calendar of events, newsletters, programs, seminar announcements as well as faculty development activities
  • Participate in annual IFH retreat
  • Support letter for university, regional and national awards competitions
  • Performance review and formal letter for tenure/promotion at Rutgers University
  • Collaborate with other IFH members
  • Access to external expert’s peer-review prior to NIH grant submissions
  • Access to grant writing workshops
  • Quarterly invitation to IFH town-hall meetings with faculty and staff
  • Shared work space at IFH if needed
  • Eligible for assistance with survey/study design, protocol review, grant writing, statistical/power analyses, manuscript editing services
  • Assistance to obtain copies of NIH funded R/K/U/P project(s) through FOIA


  • Contribute to scientific/educational/diversity/mentoring activities at IFH
  • Give one lecture to IFH every 2-3 years
  • Serve as a potential advisor to IFH internship program once every 2 years
  • Serve on faculty search committee(s)
  • Serve as potential peer reviewer (if fitting) to IFH grants