Mission, Vision, & Values

Ignite reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with diverse communities to serve as the platform for synergistic collaboration by establishing a strong infrastructure and foundation.

Build on the strengths of Rutgers University to conduct rigorous scientific research to improve population health by focusing on interconnected and cutting-edge sciences.

Translate knowledge to support health care systems in serving the needs of diverse populations regionally and beyond by informing linguistically and culturally appropriate evidence-based clinical care and community services.

Educate and disseminate novel resources to patients, families, communities, and policy makers to improve health and well-being of diverse populations.

Catalyze synergy in rigorous and interdisciplinary collaborative research to expand state, federal and philanthropic funding on population health sciences.

Foster innovative training and development programs for Rutgers students, staff, and faculty who are interested in population health issues, and prepare the next generation of leaders to shape our world.