Brown Bag Seminar | Severe Maternal Morbidity: Geographic Patterns, Hot Spots & Cold Spots in the State of New Jersey

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Felix Muchomba, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Social Work

Felix Muchomba is an Assistant Professor of Social Work. He is broadly interested in examining how social policies and institutions influence the well-being of girls and women. Under this research agenda, he has examined sexual and reproductive health and other issues that are pertinent to low-income families and immigrants, domestically and internationally. His approach is to study how macro-level changes, including national and local policies, and gender discrimination within families impact the health and well-being of girls and women. He is currently conducting a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation examining policy levers that have the potential to reduce geographic, ethnic, and racial disparities in maternal health.

Open to the public. Zoom link available upon request. Contact