CPLB/RU Philosophy Dept. Spring 2022 Lecture Series: “The Sum of Well-Being”

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In collaboration with the Center for Population-Level Bioethics, Rutgers Philosophy Department presents their Spring 2022 Lecture Series featuring Dr. Jake Nebel, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, USC, on “The Sum of Well-Being.”

Philosophers sometimes use numbers to represent how good things are for people. The sum of these numbers is often said to represent a sum of well-being. I want to understand what, if anything, this means. There are sums of masses and of lengths, but not of beauty or of times. Why should we think that there are sums of well-being? In this talk I explain what it would take for well-being to be the kind of quantity that can be summed across individuals and explore some ways of showing well-being to be that kind of quantity.

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