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Mojdeh Nasiri

Research Analyst
Center for State Health Policy
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research


Mojdeh Nasiri (M.D., Ph.D., Epidemiology, Michigan State University) is a Research Analyst at the Center for State Health Policy where she provides data management and statistical analysis for numerous projects. Her current focus is a quantitative analysis of NJ’s Medicaid claims data evaluating the health system performance improvements in NJ’s Medicaid program through the Medicaid Comprehensive Waiver Demonstration. She is also working on a project evaluating the role of homelessness and supportive housing in healthcare disparities among adults in Medicaid. Additionally, Nasiri has been conducting analyses for the Screen NJ project to understand disparities in access and utilization of cancer screening among Medicaid enrollees. Her research interest is risk stratification and predictive modeling for health outcomes through the application of various statistical methods. Prior to joining the Center, she worked for Michigan State University as a research analyst in the Michigan Stroke Transition Trial (MISTT) and for Columbia University as a research analyst in various projects conducted by the Center for Advanced Cardiac Care, Ventricular Assistive Devices and Heart Transplant. Her prior experience involves prediction models, management of missing data, microbiome profile and biomarkers in LVAD patients, and risk stratification models in older populations.