Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias Translational Work-in-Progress Series

Date: July 3, 2024
Media Contact: Tongyue Zhang

The Krieger Klein Alzheimer’s Research Center in the Brain Health Institute is organizing a series of translational work-in-progress talks (ADRD-TWIP).

What is the purpose of the ADRD TWIP series?  To be a sounding board for the AD research going on at Rutgers. This series will: 1. Give students, postdoctoral scientists, and faculty opportunities to practice research talks for a conference, discuss specific aims for a grant, reviewer feedback to papers and grants, or discuss experimental design and results. 2. Expose clinical faculty research to basic science audiences and vice versa. 3. Foster collaborations between basic and clinical scientists to enhance opportunities for translation from human to basic models to identify novel mechanisms of disease and from basic models to the human realm as new biomarkers and treatments for ADRD.

What is the structure of the ADRD-TWIP presentation?  The structure of the presentation will be determined by the presenter, but, in general it will be 20 minutes discussing the topic of interest & 40 minutes Q&A conversation to help the discussant resolve concern.  You do not need a polished presentation to sign up! You need to have a scientific question or a problem that as a group we can help you resolve, clarify or improve. The clinical and basic scientist must be able to understand what the other is presenting.

Who can participate? Any member of the Rutgers community interested in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.  The goal is to alternate between clinical and basic presentations to open new opportunities for translational research and for discussions from different point of views.

When are the meetings? Every first Wednesday of the month at noon.

Where are the meetings? They will be hybrid, physically at the presenter’s location, and via Zoom. A pizza lunch and soft drinks will be provided!

How can I sign up? This series will start on Wednesday,  September 4th, 2024.  Register here, today! 

Make sure to include your campus so we can organize the room and lunch accordingly.

Updates on the first meeting to follow!