Advancing Asian Health Equity: Multimodal Approach to Translate Research into Practice and Policy

XinQi Dong

Publication Date: 08/12/2019

Minority populations are increasing rapidly in the United States, with the Asians the fastest growing population. Preliminary research showed marked disparities in relationship to health and well‐being, but numerous barriers also exist that prevent quality research from being conducted and disseminated. Of particular note, research on Asians is challenged by the aggregation of Asians as a racial group, rather than examining the experiences of specific ethnicities.4 The Asian racial group consists of more than 20 ethnic groups with distinct languages, cultures, histories, and experiences in the United States. Additionally, Asians in the United States are commonly characterized as part of the so‐called model minority, masking the difficulties Asians may face in the United States and projecting a message of uniform prosperity within and among each ethnic subgroup.