Age and Incidence of Dementia Diagnosis

Mark Olfson, Thomas Scott Stroup, Cecilia Huang, Melanie M. Wall, Tobias Gerhard

Publication Date: 06/30/2020

Growth in the US population of older adults places an increasing number of people at risk of developing dementia. Most, but not all, studies report an increase in dementia incidence with each successive age group.1 Results have also been inconsistent regarding whether incidence of dementia varies between men and women of the same age. Although the incidence of dementia is higher for similarly aged black than white adults,2 whether age-adjusted incidence differs between other racial/ethnic groups remains unclear.3 Prior epidemiological studies on age of incidence of dementia have been hindered by relatively small in-person assessed samples4 or larger claims-based cohorts that are not nationally representative.3 The objective of this analysis was to estimate the incidence of clinical dementia diagnoses by single year of age, overall and stratified by gender and race/ethnicity by examining clinical administrative claims from a large national Medicare population.

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