Analyzing functional status and its correlates in Chinese centenarians: A cross-sectional study

Zhaoyong Huang, Yuzhu Chen, Weiwen Zhou, Xiaopeng Li, Qiulan Qin, Yunqing Fei, Xinqi Dong, Fang Yu

Publication Date: 03/05/2020

Factors affecting independence in basic and instrumental activities of daily living have been established in older adults, but not centenarians. The purpose of this study was to examine the state and factors affecting activities of daily living independence in centenarians who resided in Guangxi Province, China. A cross-sectional design was used. Activities of daily living, physical activity, mobility, and physical performance were measured by the Population Study of ChINese Elderly study instruments, and demographics and cognition were assessed. Of the 228 participants, 57% were independent in basic activities of daily living and 5.7% in instrumental activities of daily living. Stepwise regression showed physical activity, cognition, calf circumference, and self-reported health were associated with basic activities of daily living. Physical activity, mobility, cognition, and physical performance were correlated with instrumental activities of daily living. In conclusion, the Chinese centenarians showed impaired instrumental activities of daily living but mostly maintained basic functioning. Physical activity and cognition were associated with activities of daily living independence.