Frailty Risks of Prescription Analgesics and Sedatives across Frailty Models: the Health and Retirement Study

Andrew W. Bergen, Gulcan Cil, Lana J. Sargent & Chintan V. Dave

Publication Date: 05/20/2022

Introduction: Limited evidence for incident frailty risks associated with prescription analgesics and sedatives in older (≥ 65 years) community-living adults prompted a more comprehensive investigation.

Methods: We used data from older Health and Retirement Study respondents and three frailty models (frailty index, functional domain, frailty phenotype with 8803, 10,470, and 6850 non-frail individuals, respectively) and estimated sub-hazard ratios of regular prescription drug use (co-use, analgesic use, and sedative use), by frailty model. We addressed confounding with covariate adjustment and propensity score matching approaches.