Impact Of The New Jersey COVID-19 Temporary Emergency Reciprocity Licensure Program On Health Care Workforce Supply

Ann M. Nguyen, Magda Schaler-Haynes, Jolene Chou, Matthew Wetzel, Margaret Koller, Michael J. Yedidia, and Joel C. Cantor

Publication Date: 08/01/2022

New Jersey’s COVID-19 Temporary Emergency Reciprocity Licensure program provided temporary licenses to more than 31,000 out-of-state health care practitioners. As one of the first COVID-19 hot spots in the US, New Jersey is uniquely positioned to provide insights on enabling an out-of-state health care workforce through temporary licensure to address critical, ongoing concerns about health care workforce supply. In January 2021 we surveyed New Jersey temporary licensees. We analyzed more than 10,000 survey responses and found that practitioners who used the temporary license originated from every state in the US, provided both COVID-19- and non-COVID-19-related care, served a combination of new and existing patients, conversed with patients in at least thirty-six languages, and primarily used telehealth. Findings suggest that temporary licensure of out-of-state practitioners, along with telehealth waivers, may be a valuable, short-term solution to mitigating health care workforce shortages during public health emergencies.

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