The Associations Between Sociodemographic Characteristics and Trust in Physician With Immunization Service Use in U.S. Chinese Older Adults

Mengxiao Wang, Mengting Li, Xin Qi Dong

Publication Date: 05/03/2021

This study investigated sociodemographic factors for immunization care use and the relationship between trust in physician (TIP) and immunization service use in older Chinese Americans. Data were collected through the Population Study of Chinese Elderly, including survey information of 3,157 older adults in the Greater Chicago area. Regression results showed that the odds of getting vaccinated were higher for those who were older, female, and had higher education and income. After adjusting for the covariates, higher TIP was associated with greater immunization service use. The highest tertile of TIP was associated with higher odds of using immunization service (OR 2.19, 95% CI [1.76, 2.72]), especially for flu and pneumonia vaccines. Findings suggests that immunization service use may be increased by improving TIP and promoting targeted health care management plans for racial/ethnic minorities, which is highly relevant to increase the vaccination rate and contain the pandemic as the COVID-19 vaccine is available.