Where to begin? Thirty must-read papers for newcomers to pharmacoepidemiology

Anton Pottegård, Lucas Morin, Jesper Hallas, Tobias Gerhard, Almut G. Winterstein, Susanna Perez-Gutthann, Mina Tadrous

Publication Date: 11/04/2021

Pharmacoepidemiology, the study of use and effects of medications, devices, diagnostics, and other medical interventions in large populations, is a science under constant development. New study designs are added to the armamentarium, new data sources are being leveraged, and new approaches are developed. All are changing the conduct of pharmacoepidemiological studies. In addition, the growing availability of electronic healthcare data, and the openness of regulators to review real-world evidence (RWE), is attracting a variety of disciplines who are new to epidemiologic methods in general and to pharmacoepidemiologic applications and causal inference work on drug effects in particular. For newcomers to the field of pharmacoepidemiology, this provides a challenge in assessing “where to begin” when diving into the ever-growing literature…