Brown Bag Seminar | Emotional and Motivational Dynamics in Psychopathology

Event Details

Dr. Edward Selby, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Associate Professor at Rutgers SAS Department of Psychology and Core member at the Institute, Dr. Edward Selby specializes in the research and treatment of suicidal and self-injurious behavior, personality disorders, and eating disorders. A major focus of his research on these disorders involves emotion dysregulation and the use of self-sabotaging behaviors, such as binging and purging, self-injury, alcohol and substance use, fighting or reckless driving, to distract from upsetting emotions. Dr. Selby and colleagues have authored the Emotional Cascade Model, a model that suggests that prior to engaging in these behaviors people repetitively and intensely think or ruminate about an upsetting situation to the point that they work themselves into an extremely painful state called an emotional cascade.

This presentation will be focused on Dr. Selby’s recent work on complex dynamic systems and emotional dynamics in psychiatric disorders such as borderline personality disorder, non-suicidal self-injury, and anorexia nervosa.