Rutgers IFH dey Translate COVID-19 Tori for Different Kain Pipo wey dey live for New Jersey.

IFH Translates Graphic
Rutgers IFH dey Translate COVID-19 Tori for Different Kain Pipo wey dey live for New Jersey.
The Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research don launch campaign for a social media wey go helep New Jersey’s minority and immigrant community dem make dem sabi information and resources wey dem go take dey know wetin dey happen for dia own languages about COVID-19.

“The Institute for Health dey proud say dem fit to respond for ds public health crisis for ds way and promote social justice as dem dey make sure say community dem dey get information wey dey important,” na so de institute director XinQi Dong talk.

As de current global coronavirus pandemic dey affect pipo for dey whole world, e dey affect minority and immigrant community dem pass – for wia English no be dia primary language. About 31 out of hundred pipo wey dey live for New Jersey residents dey speak anoda language wey no be English for dia house, as U.S. Census data talk.

Research assistant for de institute dey interpret new tori wey dey come up for New Jersey official website wey dey respond for COVID-19 matter plus de message wey dey come from Gov. Phil Murphy daily press briefings put for 9 language, wey be Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Tagalog and Spanish. Dem dey do for Twitter go share de tori, with hashtag dem wey go helep users follow de latest.

De research assistant dem dey follow minority community work all de time and interpret tori for des language dem as part of de research wey dey happen for de institute.

For many week dem wey don pass, de translation don reach thousands for Twitter, wey make am gain de attention and important engagement from de governor office plus oda network and organization dem for de state wey dey serve minority community dem. De original tweet wey announce de translation campaign get more than 50,000 impression and receive more than 1,000 engagements, wey come increase followers and traffic for de institute account dem.

De campaign dey grow de institute dey active to dey look for volunteer dem wey dey speak oda language dem well, like Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.

You fit find de campaign wen you search #IFHTranslates and follow dez individual accounts and hashtags:

Nigerian Pidgin: @PCovid19info o #NJCOVIDInfoPidgin

To sabi more for how to volunteer, email