The Institute for Health dey focus to improve population health. Dat mean say we dey work with community and individuals like you to better understand and address everything around us wey concern we health like…

  • Social Conditions
  • Economic position
  • Cultural Factors
  • Life Experiences

To thank you for registering, you go get…

  • Welcome letter wey carry heleping links
  • Follow up phone call or email to sabi more about your interest for de institute
  • Important and correct health information (Wey go follow de topic wey you select say you like)
  • Event, webinar, and community calendar
  • We newspaper and journal publication dem
  • Information wey concern community outreach like town hall, focus group, meeting with community group, to attend and support community events
  • Opportunities to participate and support our research

Wetin make us special? We dey take wetin we learn together, use am to helep bring change by…

  • Developing policy and change for state and local level
  • Developing program and upport
  • Educating de community, providers and our faculty, staff, and students
  • Meeting with community members and groups, state and local officials and healthcare providers

We dey also share de result dem for we newsletters, websites, news media, conferences, social media, seminars and events with…

  • Health Care Providers
  • Government leaders and policy makers
  • Community

Helep us to improve population health for de Garden State. Register today!

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POLICY TO TAKE PROTECT DATA: We dey very serious to dey protect your personal data. We treat your personal data as confidential and we dey follow statutory data protection laws and this privacy policy. Personal information na any data wey person fit use to identify you. We go keep de data wey you give us for dis form until you say make we delete am, or you cancel your consent say make we store am, or de reason wey we dey store am don pass. Any compulsory statutory provisions, especially concerning de mandatory period wey we suppose store data, no dey affected by dis provision. De form above no dey give automatic transfer of user data to operators of any social media platform or advertising agency. Many operation dem wey dey process data only dey possible with your express consent. You fit cancel your consent at any time with future effect. Informal email to make dis request dey enough. Abeg send email to cancel de permission to: